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Greg Travis

an American actor who has appeared in over 40 feature films and internationally recognised stand-up comedian. Based in the U.S. he created the comedy character David Sleaze, The Punk Magician, in which he puts on a punk rock-style wig and does a variety of bad magic tricks using audience participation.[1] This routine appeared on "Rodney Dangerfield's HBO Specials".

While attending film school Greg began performing stand up comedy at The Improv and Comedy Store. Six months later he appeared on "America's Search For Tomorrow's Stars". This led to regular spots at "Bud Friedman's Improvisation". He began appearing as a regular guest on the talk show circuit, Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, a Steve Allen Special and Evening at the Improv. The William Morris Agency signed Greg as his representation. He began landing small acting roles in film and TV, while developing a strong stand-up act, headlining at all the major comedy clubs across the country. In 1986 he worked for "Saturday Night Live" making short comedy films, appearing regularly on Evening at the Improv he was also the opening act for stars like James Brown, Tom Jones and Dolly Parton. In 1990 Greg appeared on a Rodney Dangerfield HBO Special, which made his routine The Punk Magician famous. This led to him being the opening act for Cher on a long East Coast tour.

Greg has performed comedy on television shows such as: Surprise Surprise, Thick of the Night, Sunday Funnies, Showtime Comedy Night, Comedy Club Network, Comic Strip Live, Evening at the Improv, Into the Night, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, and Lewis Black's, “Root of all Evil”
Acting career

A major breakthrough came when Greg was cast in the co-starring role of Phil Newkirk in Showgirls. Initially, not critically well received, Showgirls has gone on to become a major cult classic. This film launched Greg's dramatic acting career which led to a string of films such as "Lost Highway", "Starship Troopers", "Poodle Springs" and "Man on the Moon".

Travis also produced and starred in a theatrical production called "America the Bizarre" where he played seven different characters in full make-up and costume, ending with a dead on impression of Lord Buckley. He also received great reviews for his portrayal of Andy Warhol in the stage play "Girl of the Year". With a talent for both comedy and drama, Travis has starred on a long list of television shows, “CSI Miami”, “Strong Medicine”, “Cold Case”.

As a dramatic actor, Travis has appeared in over thirty eight feature films. He has the chameleon like ability to play a wide range of characters. Travis has worked with such A-list directors as Zach Snyder, David Lynch, Paul Verhoeven, Bob Rafelson, and Miloš Forman. His recent roles include Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, and Zach Snyder's atchmen as Andy Warhol, Night of the Living Dead 3D, Sex & Death 101, and Halloween 2. Recently, Greg played starring roles in the sci-fi thriller Alantis Down and zombie comedy Dug Up.

After film school Greg began making short comedy videos with his New York City based friend David Daniel. Together they made “Last Tango in Poland”, “Carlos the Artist”, “1984 Now”, “Double Exposure”, “Complainer Vs. Complainer”, “Who’s Afraid Now”, “Hildegard” and “The Fine Line of Charlie James”. In 1984 Greg partnered with Steve Bishart and they co-wrote, co-produced with Greg Directing a 16mm feature length black and white film noir “DARK SEDUCTION”, starring Tyler Horn as detective Dic Jones and Victoria Hughie as Vera The Vampiress. Greg continued to make short videos with fellow Texan and filmmaker Louis Roth such as “Dreamdate”, “The Last Date”, “Home Life”, “Ultra Dopes on Punk” and “Kaptain Komack on The Planet of Death”.

In 1986 Greg was hired to make short films for “Saturday Night Live” entitled “Andy Warhols 15 Second Workout” and a Nick Nolte spoof “Never Get Out Of Bed”. Later Greg directed two music videos which aired on MTV called "Immune System Breakdown" and "The Art of Noise". In 89/90 Greg directed two Independent pilots “GT Ink” for CBS and “The Decadants” for Playboy Cable.

As a screen writer Greg has written twenty feature film screen plays. Three of which were for Paramount, Disney and HBO. In 2003 Greg wrote, directed a feature length psychological thriller entitled “Night Creep”. Recently Greg wrote and directed a web series entitled Drama Kings He continues to make short films, like “Eat The Rich”, “Super Spy Love” and “Hot Soup”. He is currently developing two feature length films for production, “Bofugly” and “The Sinner”.

"Midlife 2014 - David Stanton
Nobody Loses All the Time (short) (2011) - Warren Oates
The Bride of Frank (short) (2011) - Frank
White T (2011) - Stage Manager
Dug Up (2011) - Sherriff Yates
Affecter (2011) - Mystery Man
Satin (2011) - Jimmi Crete
The Trouble with Cali (2010) - Tom Wilcox
Making of Sequestered (2010) - Casting Director
Atlantis Down (2010) - Pete Hendrix
World Full of Nothing (2009) - TV Preacher
Tender as Hellfire (2009) - Mr. Deegan
Watchmen (2009) - Andy Warhol
Halloween 2 (2009) - Deputy Neale
Sin-Jin Smyth (2007)
Hot Baby (2007) - Tex
A Talent for Trouble (2007) - Frank Steiner
Sex & Death 101 (2007) - Magazine Stand man
Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006) - Henry Cooper
Edmond (short) (2006) - Edmond
The Last Stand (2006) - Buddy Linnow
Star Party (2005) - Booker
Mortuary (2005) - Eliot Cook
Toolbox Murders (2004) - Byron McLieb
Night Creep (2003) - Lee Howard, also Director
Paper Soldiers (2002) - Travis
Landspeed (2002) - Clayton Winfree
Bar Hopping (2000) - Agent
Man on the Moon (1999) - ABC Executive
Blood Type (1999) - Donnie
Letters from a Killer (1998) - State Trooper
Poodle Springs (1998) - Leonard
Lost Highway (1997) - Tail Gate Driver
Starship Troopers (1997) - Network Correspondent
Showgirls (1995) - Phil Newkirk
Shakes the Clown (1991) - Randi the Rodeo Clown
Paradise (1991) - Earl McCoy
True Identity (1991) - Orlando Ticket Agent
Million Dollar Mystery (1987) - Actor
Humanoids from the Deep (1980) - Mike Michaels, Radio Announcer

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