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Anson Williams
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Anson Williams, born September 25, 1949 in Los Angeles, California is an American actor and director, best known for his role as gullible but well-intentioned singer Warren "Potsie" Weber on the television series Happy Days (1974–1984), a role for which he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Williams has since become a prominent television director, working on programs such as Melrose Place (1992–1999), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–2000), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996–2003), Lizzie McGuire (2001–2004) and The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008–2013)

n 1972, Williams landed the role of Potsie Weber in a segment of the comedy-anthology series Love, American Style titled "Love and the Happy Days", which also introduced Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), Richie's mother Marion (Marion Ross), and other characters that were spun off into the television series Happy Days. (Only Williams, Howard, and Ross reprised their roles for the spin-off). The new series' first season, during which Williams received second billing after Howard, was centered mainly on Richie and Potsie. Eventually, as break-out character Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler) and Richie's mother, father, and sister became more popular, Potsie was joined by Ralph Malph (Don Most, who was merely a side character in season one), and Potsie and Ralph became inseparable.

Unlike Howard and Most, Williams was one of the few to remain through the entire run of the series, although his appearances became less frequent in later seasons. In some episodes, Richie, Potsie, and Ralph formed a band combo that performed at Arnold's Drive-In and other places. As Potsie, Williams actually sang lead vocals for the group. Williams' first wife, Lorrie Mahaffey, portrayed Potsie's girlfriend, Jennifer, in later seasons.

After Happy Days, Williams began a much more prolific career as a television director, starting with short programs for adolescent-age children, including afterschool specials "No Greater Gift" (1985) and "The Drug Knot" (1986), and TV-movie Lone Star Kid (1986). He has gone on to direct many episodes for a variety of television series, including Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, seaQuest DSV, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Charmed. He also directed several episodes of the TV series 7th Heaven.

Cathy Silvers
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an American actress and author, and the daughter of legendary actor/comedian Phil Silvers. She is best known for her role as boy-crazy teenager Jenny Piccalo in later seasons of the TV sitcom Happy Days. She also provided the voice of Marie Dodo, Big Bird's adoptive sister, in Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird.

Personal Quotes

When I was filming Sgt. Bilko (1996), I had the feeling that he [my father, Phil Silvers] was there watching over us. For me it was overwhelming to be part of something my father had created. It was as heartwarming as it was fun. With all due respect to Steve Martin, he's just not my father. He was wise not to try to imitate what my father did. He created his own Bilko.

Sons and daughters of doctors, dentists and lawyers go to their fathers' offices. I went to movie and stage sets. I went to Beverly Hills High School and most of my friends' parents were in the business, too. Milton Berle lived next door to us and Lucille Ball lived at the end of the block. I grew up thinking acting was what everyone did.

It ["Happy Days" (1974)] couldn't have been a better initiation into the business. They were like one big happy family when I arrived, and they took me into their family. Everyone on the show was supportive and kind. I've done a lot of TV series work since and I've never had the situation duplicated.

My dad [Phil Silvers] made a guest appearance on one episode of "Happy Days" (1974), playing Jenny's father. It was magic. I'd always heard people talk about how exciting it was to work with my dad and I got to see why. He was really special. It was the only time we got to work together.

Donny Most
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an American actor best known for his role as Ralph Malph on the television series Happy Days.

Most had a role as a regular cast member on Happy Days, appearing through to the final (11th) season. Most has appeared in other film and television work. Film credits include EDtv (1999), Planting Melvin (2005) and The Great Buck Howard(2008). He also made the regular round of guest appearances on TV shows like Emergency!, CHiPs, Baywatch, The Love Boat, Sliders, Star Trek: Voyager, Diagnosis: Murder and Glee. He also made an appearance on Charles in Charge, alongside his former Happy Days co-star, Scott Baio. He plays a man who has just won the lottery, and as part of the cameo joke, runs up to Scott Baio and waving the winning ticket shouts, "It looks like Happy Days are here again!" He also receives several looks from Scott Baio that suggests familiarity throughout the episode.
Linda Purl
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an American actress and singer, perhaps best known for portraying Ben Matlock's daughter Charlene Matlock in season one of Matlock.

she had a role on the soap opera The Guiding Light. After attending Finch College, Ms. Purl went to England to study under Marguerite Beale, before returning to the United States to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute, and later with Robert Lewis.
Movie roles

Purl's first major movie role was in Jonathan Demme's 1975 comedy, Crazy Mama. Subsequent movie appearances have included The High Country, Visiting Hours, Viper and Mighty Joe Young. She has also featured in many movies made for television, including Little Ladies of the Night and The Young Pioneers. She voiced Delilah in a 1985 direct-to-video episode of The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible.
Television roles

Linda Purl has played several roles on television series, starting with The Secret Storm a daytime drama (in 1973 ). In 1978, she appeared as newlywed Molly Beaton in the ABC western drama series, The Young Pioneers, set in the Dakota Territory of the 1870s and based on the novels of Rose Wilder Lane. She also acted alongside Shaun Cassidy in the 1979 TV movie Like Normal People. On Happy Days she played two different roles: Richie's occasional girlfriend Gloria in season two of the show (1974), and Fonzie's steady girlfriend Ashley eight seasons later (1982-“83). She also played secret agent Kate Del'Amico in the short-lived series Under Cover.

As a guest star: Purl has appeared in a 1974 episode of Hawaii Five-O called "The Hostage", as teenage babysitter "Ruthie" held captive by a deranged veteran. She played two different roles on The Waltons; in 1974 where she played sophisticate Alica in the season three episode, "The Spoilers", and in the season five episode, "The Heartbreaker" (1977), where she played Mary Ellen's sister-in-law (and Jason's love interest) Vanessa, and sang a couple songs in this episode. In 1985, she appeared in Murder, She Wrote - episode entitled "Murder at the Oasis". More recently Purl appeared in the role of Pam Beesly's mother on NBC's The Office, starting with the season six episode "Niagara." In May 2010, Purl made a guest appearance on Desperate Housewives. In 2011, Purl made guest appearances on Showtime's Homeland, playing Elizabeth Gaines.

Kristy McNichol

Saturday Only!
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Critically acclaimed actor Kristy McNichol is best known for her role as "Buddy" in the Spelling/Goldberg hit TV series "Family", where she won two Emmy awards, a critic’s choice award for best supporting actress and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Kristy also starred in the hit movie "Little Darlings" with Tatum O'Neil which won her a People's Choice Award. Other TV credits include the Witt, Thomas; Harris hit series "Empty Nest".

Kristy's films include Neil Simon's "Only When I Laugh" with Marsha Mason which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, Alan Pakula's "Dream Lover" and Samuel Fuller's "White Dog".

McNichol began her career with guest appearances on such popular TV series as” Starsky and Hutch”, “The Bionic Woman”,” Love American Style”, “ The Love Boat”, “Golden Girls,” and the list goes on. Her first role as a series regular came with the role of Patricia Apple in the CBS television series” Apple's Way”.

McNichol began her feature film career in the Burt Reynolds comedy "The End" and went on to star with Dennis Quaid and Mark Hamill in "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", "Two Moon Junction" with Louise Fletcher, "The Pirate Movie" with Christopher Atkins, "Just the Way You Are" and "The Forgotten One".

Kristy’s known for her athletic abilities, she has competed in “Battle of the Network Stars 1”," Battle of the Network Stars 2”, “Challenge of the Network Stars” and “Us against the World”.

Her television movie credits include "Women of Valor", "Like Mom, Like Me", "Summer of My German Soldier", "Love, Mary", “My Old Man" “Blinded by the Light”, “Children of the Bride”, “Mother of the Bride” and “Baby of the Bride”.

Kristy’s after school specials include: “Pinballs”, “Fawn Story” and “Me and my Dad’s New Wife”.

TV specials: “I Love Liberty” with Martin Sheen, Two “Carpenters Christmas”, “Donny and Marie Show”, “The Osmond Telethon” and the “Jimmy and Kristy” TV special.

Kristy works with the Los Angeles Valley College benefiting their music programs and also volunteers at the “Emerald City” assisted living facility in Glendale CA.

Kristy McNichol hosted her own tennis tournament for three years benefiting the “Help Group” charity.

Kristy also performed voice characters in several animated TV series including "Extreme Ghostbusters and Steven Spielberg’s animated "Invasion America".

Kristy McNichol also sang on the soundtracks of “ The Pirate Movie” and “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” as well as the RCA Kristy and Jimmy McNichol album.

We can’t leave out the “Kristy McNichol Doll” made by the Mattel Toy Company.

Marion Ross

Saturday Only!
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an American actress best known for her role as Marion Cunningham on the ABC television series Happy Days from 1974 to 1984.

Ross made her 1953 film debut in Forever Female, starring Ginger Rogers and William Holden. She found steady work in film, appearing in The Glenn Miller Story (1954), Sabrina (1954), Lust for Life (1956), Lizzie (1957), Teacher's Pet (1958), Some Came Running (1958), and Operation Petticoat (1959).

Active in television
Her career on television also began in 1953, when she played the Irish maid on the series Life With Father for two years. Her list of credits spans the history of classic television.

In 1954, she appeared as the daughter of Brother John, Ginny Thorpe, in a Lone Ranger episode titled "Texas Draw" (Season 4, episode 9). In 1958, she appeared in the episode "Peace Bond" of NBC/Universal's Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer as Mary Williams. In 1959, she appeared as a starting teacher, Miss McGinnis, in the episode "Flowers for the Teacher" of ABC's The Donna Reed Show. In the story line, Miss McGinnis is unable to relate to her students until housewife Donna Stone (Donna Reed) steps in with advice to help the situation.

Ross also appeared on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, The Millionaire (1956 episode), Steve Canyon, Perry Mason (The Case of the Romantic Rogue), Buckskin, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, Father Knows Best, The Outer Limits, The Brothers Brannagan (two episodes as Diane Warren), The Eleventh Hour, Route 66, Mr. Novak, Hawaii Five-O, The Brady Bunch, The Fugitive, Night Court.

In the 1961-62 season, she played Gertrude Berg's daughter, Susan Green, in CBS' sitcom Mrs. G. Goes to College, and also starred as a mail order bride in the TV series Rawhide episode, "The Incident of the Woman Trap" and "Gold Fever" (1962).

Ross had an uncredited and non-speaking role as one of the hapless passengers on board Trans Global Flight #2 in the 1970 film, Airport. That same year, Marion played a fellow computer scientist opposite Eric Braeden in the sci-fi thriller Colossus: The Forbin Project.

Ross' best known role is in the sitcom Happy Days, which aired for eleven seasons on ABC, from 1974 to 1984. She portrayed endearing matriarch Marion Cunningham, mother of Richie, Joanie, and (briefly) Chuck. She received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her work on the show, in 1979 and 1984.

The show's pilot was an episode of Love, American Style in 1972, where she originated the character. Ross later reprised Marion Cunningham on the spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi and on Family Guy.

In 1978-86, she appeared as multiple different characters on The Love Boat. However, in the 1986-7 season, Ross became a series regular, playing Emily Haywood who later became Emily Stubing after she married the protagonist Captain Merrill Stubing (Gavin MacLeod).

She later starred in the short-lived, but critically acclaimed drama—infused with a healthy dose of humor— Brooklyn Bridge, which ran on CBS from 1991 to 1993. Despite lasting only two seasons, the series won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award following its first season. With Ross in the lead role, even though the series was created and executive produced by Gary David Goldberg and was substantially based on his early life, this "drama" won its Golden Globe and received its Emmy nomination in the comedy/musical category.

Ross at the 1992 Emmy Awards
In 1996, she starred as housekeeper Rosie Dunlop opposite Shirley MacLaine in the Terms of Endearment sequel The Evening Star. The film was poorly received, and Ross was one of the few participants who received praise. Despite panning the film, New York Times critic Janet Maslin enthused that ‘Marion Ross does a warm, sturdy job as the devoted housekeeper who has been kept too long under Aurora's wing.’ She went on to be nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.

Ross had a semi-recurring role in Touched by an Angel as a homeless woman who talked about the JFK conspiracy, and was in the final two episodes that closed out the series. Additionally, Ross played a secretly ill mother Eunice Fadiman in "The Cat", an episode of Early Edition that first aired on April 13, 1997.

She acted on Broadway and on film, but she preferred television. She played recurring roles as Drew Carey's mother on The Drew Carey Show (during one episode of which she was referred to as her Happy Days character Mrs. Cunningham, a deliberate error for a contest the show was running); as evil Bernice Forman on That '70s Show; and as Lorelai "Trix" Gilmore and Marylin on Gilmore Girls. She also frequently appeared on Hollywood Squares.

During the mid-1990s, Marion Ross became active in voice over work. She played Ms. Wakefield on the FOX animated series King of the Hill, Grandma SquarePants on Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, Crane's mother on Nickelodeon/DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and Mrs. Lopart on Handy Manny. She also guest starred on The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, The Wild Thornberrys, Generator Rex and many more animated series.

In an episode of the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters that aired in January 2007, she guest starred as Ida, the not-so-loving mother of Nora and Saul, making an unwelcome visit to celebrate a milestone in her daughter's life. In April 2010, she returned for a guest appearance in the series' fourth season. In an episode that aired April 10, 2011, on ABC, her character dies of a heart attack. Also in 2007 she played the Grandmother in the film Music Within.

On June 7, 2008, the Albert Lea Civic Theater in Albert Lea, Minnesota changed its name to the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center Also in 2008, Ross played Aunt Lucille in the film Superhero Movie.

In April 2010, Ross guest starred in Nurse Jackie as a homeless woman with dementia, and on May 13, 2010 she guest starred in Grey's Anatomy as Betty Donahue. Also in 2010 she appeared in the Cartoon Network movie Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster as Mrs. Trowburg, along with former Happy Days/The Love Boat co-star Ted McGinley. She participated in the end of season 4 of The Middle, as deputy principal Dunlap

In January 2014, she made a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men's Season 11, Episode "Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball."

Irina Voronina
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Irina dreamed of becoming a model. However she was always told “No” by the Russian modeling scouts, at the age of 19 she was considered to be “too old” to start a modeling career. She would not take no for an answer, and at the age of 20 she moved to Milan, Italy, to make her dreams come true.

She was immediately signed by a big agency, and was instantly booking print jobs and TV commercials in Italy and the rest of Europe. As her international modeling career began to skyrocket, Irina made her way to the US, where she was introduced to Playboy Studio West in Los Angeles CA.

It took no time at all for the Russian beauty to become Playboy’s Miss January 2001, and Irina permanently relocated to LA to take her career to the next level. She signed with Wilhelmina LA, which offered her the opportunity to work with world-famous photographers such as Teri Richardson, Mathew Rolston, Antoine Verglas, David LaChapelle and many others. She’s an advertisers dream, known for her gorgeous smile, charm and on-set professionalism. Irina represented many international brands including SKYY Vodka, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Bacardi, Sisley & Detour to name a few. She has millions of visual impressions around the globe via the covers and pages of worldwide magazines; FHM, Maxim, Playboy (in 20 countries), Max (Italy), Ocean, Shape, 944, Knockout, Q (UK), People (Australia), and most recently Kandy, Rukus, Vape and Browz magazines.

In 2008 Irina was named St. Pauli Girl spokes model and completed a 12-month PR tour across America. She became the first ever St Pauli Girl to ring the NYSE closing bell representing Constellation Brands. The St. Pauli Girl
experience served as valuable media training for Irina, and she began
accepting hosting engagements. From 2011-2012 Irina was the main host for Playboy Radio’s weekly show “Playmate Club,” and has interviewed hundreds of celebrities live on air.

In 2013 Irina was named Kandy Magazine’s Model of the Year as a result of her fans downloading the highest number of digital issues that year.
She is also a 3 times Kandy magazine cover girl.

In 2001 Irina’s first agent told her that she will never be able to be an actress because of her accent. And again, she would not take no for an answer. Irina worked very hard on eliminating her accents, and took classes at the best acting schools.

She got her first big screen break in “Reno 911!: The movie” as the funny foreign girl. Since then she appeared on many feature films, including “Balls of Fury”, “Piranha 3DD”, “Lazer Team”, “Killing Hasselhoff”, an indie film “Scramble” to be released in December of 2017, which she also co-produced. Irina’s television credits include; a series regular role in the fully improvised sitcom “Svetlana” for HD Net, the first ever live action show on Adult Swim Network “Saul of the Mole Men,” guest star appearances on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” “Tosh.0”, “Reno 911!” to name a few. In 2018 we Irina appeared in “13 Reason Why” (Netflix).

In 2015 Irina took stage as a stand up comedian. Even though English is her second language, she pushes an envelope with her unapologetic and straightforward sense of humor.
Irina takes you on a journey from her life back in USSR to gracing on the pages of Playboy magazine. Irina has performed at the Comedy Store (LA), Flappers (Burbank), Improv (Ontario), Ice House (Pasadena), and many other comedy clubs in the LA area.
Irina also produces her own bi-monthly all girl stand –up comedy show “Comedy Stew” at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood.

In 2016-2017 Irina was contracted to a live streaming app Busker, where she broadcasted 62 episodes of a weekly cooking show “Cook With Irina

In 2018 she was accepted and performed at Joshua Tree Improv & Comedy Festival, Palm Springs Comedy Festival, Orange County Comedy Festival, Burbank Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, Laugh Riot Grrrl, and a US Comedy Contest.

Irina loves connecting with her fans and stays active daily across all social media platforms with 4+ million followers.

Irina is gladly collaborates with the brands, and is able to create quality sponsored content from beautiful imagery to infomercials and comedy sketches. Irina's Halloween skit was featured on Halloween Show of Laugh Exchange App.

Look for Irina's first Comedy Appearance on Laugh After Dark series on Amazon Prime Video (set to air in February 2019).

Irina is always happy to support various charities with personal appearances and through her social media reach.

Irina remains actively involved with Playboy Enterprises and is proud to represent the brand via appearances in the iconic bunny costume. She is commonly spotted at key red carpet, social, fashion and entertainment events in support of her fellow Playmates causes, and the brand that helped launch her career

Jamie Luner
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an American actress who first came to prominence on the ABC sitcom Just the Ten of Us, but is perhaps better known for her role as Lexi Sterling on Melrose Place. She also starred on television as Rachel Burke in the final season of Profiler. Luner portrayed Liza Colby on the ABC soap opera All My Children from April 2009 until its final episode on September 23, 2011. Luner is also well known for her lead roles in many Lifetime movies.

After guest starring in several episodes of the sitcom Growing Pains, Luner went on to star as sexy yet scatterbrained Cindy Lubbock in the Growing Painsspinoff, Just the Ten of Us (1988–1990), which also starred Heather Langenkamp, Brooke Theiss and JoAnn Willette as Luner's fictional sisters. At one point in the show, the foursome comprised a fictional singing group, "The Lubbock Babes". To date, Luner is the only one of the four who has not appeared in a Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Luner also guest starred in a Halloween-themed episode of Growing Pains in which she portrayed a vanishing hitchhiker. After Just the Ten of Us ended, Luner took a break from acting and attended the Epicurian Cooking School, eventually becoming a chef at a popular Los Angeles, California restaurant.

Luner returned to television, playing a troubled teenager, in 1993 in the Television film, Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter?, starring opposite Linda Gray. Luner followed this up with a succession of Television films, most notably Confessions of a Sorority Girl (1994), which began her extended professional association with producer Aaron Spelling

Luner's next big break came in 1996, when she was cast as scheming vixen Peyton Richards in Spelling's prime-time soap opera, Savannah (1996–1997). Later in 1997, Luner was cast in Spelling's Melrose Place, playing the role of scheming Lexi Sterling until the series' conclusion in 1999.

In 1999, immediately following the cancellation of Melrose Place, Luner was cast as Rachel Burke, Ally Walker's replacement in NBC's Profiler. She played the role until the show was cancelled at the end of its fourth season in 2000 Following the cancellation of Profiler, Luner continued to work steadily, with guest appearances on several television series including The Outer Limits, CSI: Miami and a three-episode arc on That's Life. In 2000, Luner also starred in the independent feature Sacrifice, along with Michael Madsen.

In 2003, Luner joined the cast of another Spelling drama, playing the role of Senior Deputy Ryan Layne in 10-8: Officers on Duty (2003–2004). The series was cancelled after Luner had appeared in just five episodes. Also in 2003, Luner starred opposite Nicholas Lea in the Sci Fi Channel original movie Threshold, and in 2004 guest-starred in an episode of NCIS, called "Dead Man Talking."

In 2005, Luner appeared in four TV movies for the cable network Lifetime Television: The Suspect (2005), Blind Injustice(2005), Stranger in my Bed (2005), and The Perfect Marriage (2006).

In 2007, Luner appeared as Susan in the comedy Black and Bluestein at The Santa Monica Playhouse. Also that year, Luner starred in Nuclear Hurricane, a Sci Fi Channel original movie, and made a guest appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

In April 2009, Luner joined the cast of All My Children as Liza Colby. (Marcy Walker, who originally played Liza, had retired from show business several years earlier.) The soap was cancelled in 2011, after which Luner starred in the Lifetime movies Walking the Halls, Stalked at 17 and The Perfect Boss. She then guest-starred in both Supernatural and Criminal Minds in 2013. In 2014, Luner was cast in the Investigation Discovery series Heartbreakers opposite Jack Wagner and Rob Estes.The following year, she has appeared in two another Lifetime movies, The Wrong Girl and The Bride He Bought Online. She also had the recurring role on the second season of TNT crime drama, Murder in the First, and guest-starred on Better Call Saul and Code Black

Kathy Garver
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an American film, television, voice-over and character actress of stage, most widely known for playing Uncle Bill Davis's (played by Brian Keith) teenaged niece, Catherine "Cissy" Davis, on the popular 1960s sitcom, Family Affair. Before that, she played a slave in The Ten Commandments. Garver authored The Family Affair Cookbook and has been a TV host (Backstage with Barry and Kathy).

While studying, Garver auditioned and won the role of Uncle Bill's teenaged niece, Catherine "Cissy" Davis, the eldest sibling on the original TV series Family Affair, for CBS in 1966. Garver, who'd been a fan of Keith's since she was 10 years old and had guest-starred on Crusader, a television series he had starred in. That one guest-role paid off and Keith himself was impressed to see her grow up and become the amazing young lady that she was. She also enjoyed the wonderful on- and off-screen chemistry with Keith. She would continue playing that role until its cancellation in 1971.

She continued to keep in touch or visit Keith until his death on June 24, 1997, where she attended the funeral. Garver appeared in the Christmas episode of the later revival of Family Affair. She guest starred on numerous television series, including ABC's short-lived The Bing Crosby Show in the 1964-1965 season. Garver also provided the voice of Firestar on the Saturday morning cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. She also voiced Storm, as well as other female guest characters. In the 1990s Spider-Man cartoon series, she played the voice of Miss America. Garver's Family Affair co-star, Brian Keith, provided the voice of Uncle Ben Parker on the aforementioned Spider-Man series from the 1990s.

Garver was also the voice of Alice Mitchell in the Dennis the Menace cartoon special Mayday for Mother and Pepper in Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos. Her other voice roles included the television series Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, The Tom & Jerry Kids Show, Droopy, Master Detective, The New Yogi Bear Show, The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show and The All-New SuperFriends Hour, the cartoon special Marvin: Baby of the Year and the anime film JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Garver has also produced, narrated and written lyrics and composed the music for eight audio Beatrix Potter tales and eight Mother Goose based audiotapes for Smarty Pants Inc. Her Beatrix Potter tapes have sold over two million copies and have won numerous awards. Garver has also won two Audie Awards, one for her narration of The Worlds Shortest Stories, the other in 2004 for her direction of Amy Tan in The Opposite of Fate read by the author. She has recorded books for Brilliance Audio, Dove, Listen and Live and can be downloaded at the Timber Wolf Press website. Her voice has also been heard in the films Apollo 13 (which was awarded the Academy Award for sound), Ransom, Backdraft and Jingle All the Way which were all directed by Ron Howard.

Garver was a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women at UCLA. She lives in Hillsborough, California, with her husband David and son Reid. On June 26, 2008, she attended the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony when Brian Keith was awarded a star posthumously; Garver gave a speech on his behalf.
Lori Petty

Saturday Only!
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After this feisty, kinetic, highly offbeat actress from Chattanooga, Tennessee, broke into TV in the 1980s, she immediately set herself apart from the norm with the mini-movie Bates Motel (1987). This rather inauspicious beginning would also set Lori Petty off on a career as a fighter and a misfit, types for which she would be best known.

She spent her childhood traveling the U.S. with her father, a Pentecostal minister. Her keen talents first lent themselves toward being a graphic artist in Omaha, Nebraska, but an impulsive desire to act quickly took precedence, and soon she was off to New York, where she took acting classes and pounded the pavement for jobs. Going nowhere fast, she eventually headed for Los Angeles and finally found an "in." Following a number of mediocre TV roles, she won a bit of attention on the short-lived series Booker (1989) as a lippy secretary, then hit paydirt in secondary roles as an outrageous Cyndi Lauper wannabe in Cadillac Man (1990) and as Patrick Swayze's ex-girlfriend/waitress who hooks up with Keanu Reeves in Point Break (1991).

When her appearance in the 1992 women's baseball comedy drama, A League of Their Own, found Petty practically stealing the limelight from such screen heavies as Madonna and Geena Davis, casting agents took notice, and she subsequently landed roles in such high-profile releases as Free Willy (1993), Poetic Justice (1993), and the Pauly Shore comedy, In the Army Now (1994). Petty's solid dramatic performance as a lone female cop in the 1994 thriller, The Glass Shield, earned her kudos from the critics.

Lori then found her true calling as the bizarre cartoon heroine Tank Girl (1995), which was billed as "a post-apocalyptic comedy." The crop-haired, tough-as-nails actress has been taking it to the limit ever since!

In 1999, Petty portrayed "Noss" on the popular TV series, Star Trek: Voyager.

Petty is also known for providing the voice of the supervillain "Livewire" on the Warner Bros series "Superman: The Animated Series" and "The New Batman Adventures".

In 2003, she co-starred with Gina Gershon and Drea DeMateo as a member of a punk rock band in "Prey For Rock & Roll".

In 2008, Petty's directorial debut, "The Poker House" won awards at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The film is an autobiography which documents a painful day in her life as a teen raising her two younger sisters while living in their mother's whore/ poker house. The mother's pimp contemplates turning her out and rapes her at age fourteen. Strong in all aspects, she perseveres by going on to win her high school championship basketball game immediately after the incident.

In 2015 Lori will play 'Lolly' on episodes of the highly acclaimed TV series "Orange is the New Black".& Gotham

Ola Ray
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Ola Ray was bom in St. Louis, Missouri, where she spent the early part of her childhood with her parents, six brothers and two sisters. Ola and her family then came to Sacramento, California and lived there until 1975 when Ola moved with her family to Tokyo, Japan where her stepfather Was stationed at Yokota Air Force Base for three years.

Soon after her arrival in Tokyo, Ola began her professional singing and dancing career by forming a song and dance group called the Puppets with her twin brothers and sister. The musical talents of Ola and the other

members of the Puppets landed them a year long performance contract at the Big Together Club in the Shinjuku

District The Puppets' increasing popularity led to appearances in television commercials, performances in various cities throughout Japan and a recording offer from CBS Records in Tokyo.

Throughout Ola's singing and dancing career in Japan, she also engaged in a substantial number of modeling assignments. Via her representative, Eddie Arab Modeling Agency, she modeled as a postcr girl and appeared

in several television commercials for such well known Japanese department stores as Daimaru, Isetan, Matsuya, and Parco.

After her successful stay in Japan, Ola and her family returned to the United States. Upon her arrival in 1978 Ola made Los Angeles her home so that she could further pursue her career in entertainment.

In June -1980, Ola appeared as Playmate ofthe Month for Playboy magazine. After her appearance in Playboy , she entered into an exclusive contract with Johnson and Johnson for promotion of their Classy Curl hair

product. As part of Ola's promotion, her pictures were displayed on all Classy Curl Kit products, in magazine advertisements, television commercials, and posters. Ola also served as spokesperson for the Classy Curl

product promotion. Additionally, she sponsored on television and print nationally known products such as

"Milk" (sponsoring the Milk Advisory Board), Coca Cola, Coors, McDonalds, and Leggs pantyhose, as well as several other products.

In 1983, Ola's entertainment career was showcased internationally when she co-starred as Michael Jackson's girlfriend in the Grammy Award winning short film video, "Thriller". Her work in "Thriller " brought her worldwide recognition and made her a household name

Resulting from a successful modeling career and her work in "Thriller", Ola landed several acting roles in motion pictures produced by Paramount Studios, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. Studios, and also in various top television shows for the leading three networks, NBC, ABC and CBS. She has appeared in such

movies as "48 Hours " (with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte), "Night Shift" (with Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler), "Beverly Hills Cop 2" (with Eddie Murphy), "Ten to Midnight" (with Charles Bronson), and "Fear City" (with Billy Dee Williams and Tom Barenger). Ola also played a leading role in a televison pilot that was a spin-off from the popular sitcom, "Gimme a Break", for NBC

Ola has written and produced several songs, one of which rose to Number Five on the Top Ten Chart in Houston, Texas.

Ola is currently writing television scripts and is looking for a major networking deal.

Patrick Kilpatrick
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an American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and journalist. He has appeared in over 117 films and television series.

Kilpatrick has appeared in a multitude of movie genres alongside a who's who of leading actors, including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise and Chow Yun-Fat. His appearances as a villain includes films such as Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Death Warrant, Scanner Cop II: Volkin's Revenge (1994), as the villain "Karl Volkin". Last Man Standing, and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) where he played a mercenary on a train. He has appeared in ' 'Replacement Killers(1998), 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995), Eraser (1996), and The Presidio (1988). He also starred in Free Willy 3: The Rescue(1997) and more recently in Parasomnia (2008). One of the few films that Kilpatrick played a lead role in was 1994's Open Fire. He also appeared in Never Surrender (2009) and The Zombinator (2012)

Kilpatrick had a theatrical run in the Los Angeles Theater for the Shakespeare play Anthony and Cleopatra. He has appeared in many television series, including Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1994), Walker, Texas Ranger (1994), Babylon 5 (1995), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as Sergeant O'Connor for 9 episodes from 1996 to 1997, ER (1997), The X-Files (2001), General Hospital (2003), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2005), 24 (2005), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008) and Chuck ("Chuck Versus the Gravitron"). In 1995, he co-starred in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Initiations", in the 2000 episode "Drive" and in 1998 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode entitled "The Siege of AR-558"

Richard Grieco

Saturday Only!
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Richard Grieco is best known from... 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Booker, A Night at the Roxbury, Mobsters.

Richard Grieco the eldest child of Richard Sr. and Carolyn Grieco, was born and raised in Watertown, New York. He has one brother, David and two sisters, Elizabeth and Laura. His interest in performing began in high school where he was also active in sports such as lacrosse, hockey and football. He was so good at the latter sport that he was recruited to play for Central Connecticut University as a linebacker and fullback. After two years he left the school and had established himself as a male model for the Elite Agency in New York by the mid 1980s.
After modeling for such major clients as Calvin Klein, Chanel and Armani for a while, Richard spent two years studying acting with Alice Spieack, Warren Robertson and Wally Strauss. In 1986 he landed his first television role as Rick Gardner on the ABC daytime soap One Life to Live and remained with the show through 1987, the year he moved to Los Angeles and began working as a guest star on such television shows as Who's the Boss?, Rags to Riches, The Big Apple Blues and The Bronx Zoo.
In 1988, he got the guest role as Officer Dennis Booker at 21 Jump Street, Fox's extremely successful TV-show starred Johnny Depp. However, Richard was so popular that he became a series regular. A year later he got his own show the spin-off "Booker" which ran until 1990. Though the series didn't last long on network television, it has had success in syndication. In 1991, Richard received the ShoWest's "Male Star of Tomorrow" award from the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO). That same year he made his debut in the James Bond spoof "If Looks Could Kill".
Additional films have included leading roles in Mobsters, Tomcat, Born to Run, Suspicious Agenda and so on. Since then, Richard has built a solid career appearing in numerous films and TV shows.
In 1995, he starred on the television series "Marker". The series earned high ratings and had a large following during the show's limited run.
In addition to his film and television credits, Richard has found success as a singer, a side career he launched in 1994. He started out with the Dunmore Band and gained a large following among Los Angeles club hoppers, then signed a record contract with the German label Edel Records in 1995. The released CD "Waiting for the Sky to Fall" became a smash hit in Europe.
Richard is a race car enthusiast and owner of a Corvette, Jaguar and several Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He also enjoys writing, painting and poetry.

Sandra Taylor

Saturday Only!
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"Have you ever idled away an hour picturing in your mind what the perfect woman would really look like? You know the game, where you combine Elle Macpherson’s legs with say Liz Hurley’s body and the face of an exotic Cindy Crawford in an attempt to come up with the ideal female.

Well, if you have, I’ve got news for you, someone else has been playing the game too! His name is God and his vision is personified in Sandra Taylor".

So reads the text of Britain’s number one fashion magazine with its description of supermodel and accomplished actress, Sandra Taylor. But anyone who knows and has worked with Sandra can tell you, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A long time regular on Howard Stern’s iconic number one rated radio talk show, Sandra has left her mark wherever she goes. Howard himself is so fond of her that he even devoted a chapter to her in his smash hit book Private Parts, where he proudly states “Sandra is one of my favorite guests of all time”. After graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Math, Sandra’s fresh, alluring presence was quickly spotted by talent agents who convinced her to put her math degree on hold and move to the Big Apple where she instantly became a sensation in the world of fashion and modeling. Soon her image was splashed all over billboards, buses, magazines and TV commercials, including launching several consecutive Super Bowl campaigns. Her meteoric rise within the industry led her to become the coveted face for GUESS Jeans. Having risen to the top of the fashion and modeling world, Hugh Hefner himself took notice and Sandra was honored with gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine not once, but twice, making her to this day one of Hugh’s favorites. With her profile rising, Sandra, who along the way had become one of the world's best selling poster girls, also found Hollywood rolling out the red carpet for her. Starting when she joined the cast of the daytime dramasSanta Barbara & Passions, she quickly made the leap to Prime Time with recurring roles on NBC’s hit series The Single Guy, as well as, UPN’s Head Over Heels. It wasn’t long before she caught the eye of TV and movie mogul Garry Marshall who first cast Sandra in Exit To Eden. That movie led to a wildly successful partnership in which Garry has consistently found funny and sexy roles for Sandra in some of his other hit films including Runaway Bride, The Princess Diaries, The Princess Diaries 2, Raising Helen and the international smash hits Valentine's Day playing opposite Eric Dane and Ashton Kutcher and in New Year’s Eve starring opposite Josh Duhamel and Michelle Pfeiffer. Along the way, she found herself guest starring on television in ER, The King Of Queens, Just Shoot Me, and Married...with Children. In 2012, Sandra landed a pilot playing Cheryl Hines best friend in the Debra Messing—Cheryl Hines pilot, Wright -vs- Wrong. Other past film credits include:Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Batman and Robin, Tomcats, Phoenix, Keeping Up With The Steins and L.A. Confidential. She also landed one of the leads playing Ann-Margret’s daughter in the comedy All's Faire In Love co-starring Christina Ricci. In 2014 Sandra was 'Nurse Adams' in the feature film When The Games Stand Tall, co-starring Jim Caviezel and Alexander Ludwig. In May 2016, Sandra hit the big screen again with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson in Garry Marshall's film "Mother's Day".

Stepfanie Kramer
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is an American actress, writer, and singer/songwriter. She is probably best known for her role as the tough-minded detective, "Sgt. Dee Dee McCall," on the NBC TV series Hunter.

"Emmy " nominated actress, she won Best Female performance 3 separate times from "The First Americans in the Arts", and was honored in 2015 at the International Television Awards in Monaco, as "An Icon of Television." honored by the First Americans in the Arts organization in 1995, 2002, and 2003.She was also voted one of the most beautiful women in television in 1988, through a national TV Guide poll of viewers. Her face has graced the cover of both US and foreign magazines. Stepfanie's talent and energy helped make Hunter a true international hit. She has a fan base that spans the globe. Stepfanie has written and directed episodic television and is an accomplished artist. She is recognized and respected as a powerful and gifted singer and performer

Kramer's professional acting career started in the late 1970s, while she was still in school. She guest starred in several television shows, such as Starsky and Hutch, Dynasty, Bosom Buddies, and Knots Landing. Kramer graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts/West, where she has later taught as a guest instructor. In 1983, Kramer proved her comedy chops starring in the NBC sitcom We Got It Made in 1983. Her big break came in 1984, when she landed a starring role in Hunter, the latest creation of television mogul Stephen J. Cannell After a rough start, the show became an international hit, being broadcast for seven consecutive seasons. Kramer starred in six of them, a total of 130 episodes. In an interview with Jay Leno in 1989, Kramer admitted that she had not believed the show would be as long-lived as it was.

Already in 1986, Kramer said that she was working on a rock album with composer Mike Post, who had composed music for Hunter. She also announced that an album might be published the following year. That never happened, however, but in 1990, Kramer announced her departure from Hunter. Although the press claimed it was to concentrate on her music career in a television news interview, Kramer commented her choice with the following: "I have been most fortunate in that I've acted, written, and directed while on Hunter. It is time for me to move on to the next phase of my life, both professionally and personally."

Shortly after leaving Hunter, she entered into recording an album in England with producer Nils Lofgren. Although slated to be released in 1991, it was never released. In 1992 Kramer married and moved to Colorado. Two years later she gave birth to a daughter. She continued to write music and star in successful made-for-TV movies and indie films. She is a trained mezzo soprano, and during the hype of her TV career, she had showcased her musical abilities on several episodes of Hunter, as well as on Bob Hope television specials. Stepfanie's first album saw the light of the day on October 12, 1999. The debut album, One Dream, contains ten adult contemporary songs. Most are original songs which prove Kramer's talent as both a composer and lyricist. The Great American Song Book, her second album, came out early in the year 2008. On it, Kramer covers 14 classic songs recorded live in a one-woman show which she performs on the road in various national performance venues. In 2008, she represented the U.S. by performing at the International Music Festival in Queretero, Mexico. As a singer, she has performed around the globe.

Kramer has continued to work as an actress. After her departure from Hunter, she has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Her most notable movie projects include: Twin Sisters (1992), Beyond Suspicion (1994), The Dogwalker (1999) and The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006). She also reprised her role as, "Dee Dee McCall," in the two Hunter television movies (2002 and 2003). Due to their strong ratings, NBC attempted to bring the television show back

Susan Blakely
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an American actress and model. She is best known for her leading role in the 1976 ABC miniseries, Rich Man, Poor Man, for which she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama. Blakely also has appeared in films including The Towering Inferno (1974), Report to the Commissioner (1975), Capone (1975), The Concorde ... Airport '79 (1979), and Over the Top (1987).

Blakely arrived in Hollywood in the early 1970s, and began appearing in supporting roles in films include Savages, The Way We Were, and The Lords of Flatbush. Her first major role was as Patty Simmons in the 1974 disaster film The Towering Inferno. The following year, she played the female lead roles in films Report to the Commissioner alongside Michael Moriarty, and Capone opposite Ben Gazzara.

Blakely gained wide critical acclaim with her leading role in the 1976 ABC television miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man based on the 1969 novel of the same name by Irwin Shaw. For her performance, Blakely won that year's Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama and earned a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie. She earned a second Emmy Award nomination the following year when she reprised her role in Rich Man, Poor Man Book II. After her television success, she played leading roles in two movies in 1979; disaster film The Concorde ... Airport '79 opposite Alain Delon, and sport drama Dreamer with Tim Matheson.

During 1980s and 1990s, Blakely played leading roles in many made for television movies. She portrayed Frances Farmer in the 1982 film based on Farmer's autobiography, Will There Really Be a Morning?, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film. She played Eva Braun opposite Anthony Hopkins in Adolf Hitler' biographical film The Bunker (1981), and Joan Kennedy in The Ted Kennedy Jr. Story (1986). She appeared in such feature films as Over the Top (1987), My Mom's a Werewolf (1989), and Hate Crime (2005). She recently guest starred on This Is Usand NCIS and in past years on Hotel, The Twilight Zone, Falcon Crest, Murder, She Wrote, Nip/Tuck, Brothers & Sisters, Southland, and Cougar Town

Toni Basil
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an American singer, actress, choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker, best known for her multi-million-selling worldwide 1981 hit "Mickey", which reached No 1 in several countries.

Basil started dancing professionally in childhood, but her career started when she served as an assistant choreographer to David Winters and as a dancer on  Shindig!, a breakthrough music variety show which premiered on the  ABC network in 1964. In addition, she was assistant choreographer and a dancer on the 1964 concert film  The T.A.M.I. Show (Teen-Age Music International) choreographed by David Winters, which featured fellow dancer and friend,  Teri Garr. Some of her 1960s film choreography work include  Village of the Giants (1965), The Cool Ones (1967), and the Monkees's 1968 film  Head in which she is partnered on-screen with  Davy Jones during "Daddy's Song".

Basil choreographed, and co-directed with  David Byrne, the music video for " Once in a Lifetime" by  Talking Heads in 1980. She worked with Talking Heads again to direct and choreograph the video for the song " Crosseyed and Painless". She choreographed  David Bowie's  Diamond Dogs Tour in 1974, and  Glass Spider Tour in 1987. She was responsible for the choreography on Bowie's video for " Time Will Crawl". She has worked with  Bette Midler for many years, most recently on her 2008/2009  Las Vegas show  The Showgirl Must Go On. She served as the associate director and choreographer of the worldwide  Tina Turner Live: 50th Anniversary Concert Tour in 2008/2009. Her expertise as a choreographer led her to be invited to sit as a guest judge on season four and five of  Fox Broadcasting Company's  So You Think You Can Dance? In addition, she is credited with bringing  street dance to prominence as a founding member and manager of  The Lockers

Her film choreography through the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s include  American Graffiti (1973), The Rose (1979),  Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), Something to Talk About (1995),  That Thing You Do (1996),  My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) Legally Blonde (2001),  Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003),  Charlie Wilson's War (2007), and  The House Bunny(2008).

Basil is one of the seven original  Lockers, the street dance group considered "the group that changed the face of dance". She is recognized as a seminal influence in bringing street dance to the attention of the American public. A 2012  Dance Magazinearticle cited Basil as the pioneer in merging ballet with street dance for a piece she choreographed for  Saturday Night Live, "Swan Lake", in 1978.

The Lockers opened and toured with Frank Sinatra, including performances at  Carnegie Hall. They opened for  Funkadelic at  Radio City Music Hall and many acts in Las Vegas, and made countless television appearances including the third episode of Saturday Night Live.

Basil choreographed the  TV Land Awards salute to  Soul Train in 2005, as well as the TV Land Awards salute to  Sid and Marty Krofft in 2009.

Music career

Basil's recording career began in 1966 with a single for  A&M Records which was the title song from the short film Breakaway, and the B-side was "I'm 28" written by  Graham Gouldman who later co-founded  10cc. This film was made by artist  Bruce Conner. Basil was asked to sing, solo, the swinging jazz number "Wham Rebop Boom Bam" in the first season of  Saturday Night Live for the January 17, 1976 show with Buck Henry as host. Toni sold out solo shows at  The Roxy in Los Angeles in June 1976, and sang the song on  The Merv Griffin Show. She also guested with The Lockers during the first season of Saturday Night Live and, on later seasons, as a singer and filmmaker, to perform in her urban style Swan Lake. In 1982, she released the single "Mickey", which went on to achieve international success. 

"Mickey" was actually recorded in 1980 and the video was conceived, directed, and choreographed by Basil herself for the UK-based label Radialchoice nearly a year before the inception of  MTV in 1981[ citation needed]. Issued on  Chrysalis Records in September 1982 in the USA, the song knocked  Lionel Richie from No. 1 on the  Billboard Hot 100 in December. It also topped the chart in Canada where it was issued by  Virgin Records. The infectious  45 was quickly certified  Gold and in early 1983 reached Platinum status for sales of over 2 million copies in the United States alone. The music video for "Mickey" was one of the most popular early MTV videos. In the video, Basil wore her head cheerleader uniform from  Las Vegas High School from which she graduated. During an interview on  VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of The 80's", Basil revealed that she still owns the same cheerleader sweater she wore in the video. In 2009, VH1 ranked "Mickey" Number 5 on its list of the 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the '80s. In 2017 she sued the makers of South Park over their use of the song in parodying  Barack Obama's 2008 election win

For television, Basil has appeared as an actress and featured singer/dancer in many television shows and specials. She co-directed and choreographed two  BBC specials with Alan Walsh and Ken Stephenson called "Toni Basil Tape 1" and "Toni Basil Tape 2". [11]

Basil's recording career consists of only two albums. Her first album, 1982's  Word of Mouth included a second Hot 100 single "Shoppin' from A to Z", as well as three songs by  Devo, with the group providing the backing track. The track "Space Girls" was a re-recording of a 1974 Devo demo titled "Space Girl Blues" that would later be released on Devo's "Hardcore Devo: Volume One". Devo member  Gerald Casale and Basil were in a relationship at the time, and Basil had been an early supporter of the group.

Toni Basil (1983), her eponymous second album, yielded a third and final Hot 100 charting single, "Over My Head", which reached No. 4 on the U.S. Dance chart. Her song "Girls Night Out" appeared on the soundtrack to the 1986 movie  Modern Girls. To date, there have been five Toni Basil  best of collections released on CD. In 1999,  DJ and producer  Jason Nevins's dance remix of "Mickey" was a club hit in Europe and  Australia.

Basil contributed vocals for the  Devo song "The Only One" in 1987, part of the soundtrack the flop horror film  Slaughterhouse Rock, which Basil also starred in. The song was not released until 2000 on the demo compilation Recombo DNA.

Acting career

As an actress, Basil started off in the films  Easy Rider and  Five Easy Pieces. Some of her other films are  The Last Movie(directed by  Dennis Hopper),  Greaser's Palace (directed by  Robert Downey, Sr.),  Mother, Jugs & Speed Village of the Giants Rockula (with Thomas Dolby), and  Slaughterhouse Rock. On TV, she has appeared in episodes of  Laverne And Shirley Dark Justice, and in  Baywatch Nights as a fortune teller.

Film making and music videos

Basil directed short art films including Game of the WeekA Dance FilmOut Trip, and The Ping Pong Match. Predating music videos, these avant garde pieces found a new audience and were exhibited at the  Santa Monica Museum of Art, the  Getty Museum, and  New York University's Grey Art Gallery. The Los Angeles Times noted Basil's 'deft editing transformed an ordinary ping pong match between Gray & Stockwell (both noted American actors) into an energetic dance routine.

Basil's late 1960s  8 mm and  16 mm films toured the U.S. with the show "Semina Culture:  Wallace Berman and His Circle" in 2007.

The music video for "Mickey" is considered the first choreographed dance video, and due to its heavy play on MTV, inspired countless music videos of the modern era. The opening stunt, where two cheerleaders jump through the center of a human pyramid, is now illegal in competition.

Aside from directing her own video for "Mickey", she also directed and choreographed the video for Talking Heads' " Once in a Lifetime", featuring lead singer David Byrne against a white background in a similar style to Basil's "Mickey"

Victoria Sellers
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an actress/model & stand-up comic who is the daughter of Britt Ekland & Peter Sellers. Victoria posed for Playboy in April 1986.

Virginia Aldridge
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an actress who appeared as 'Lieutenant Karen Tracy' in "Wolf in the Fold", a second season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.She filmed her scenes on Thursday 29 June 1967 at Desilu Stage 10.

Virginia had previously appeared on the television Westerns as "Cheyenne", "Wagon Train" and "The Rifleman", the latter of which featured Paul Fix and Bill Quinn as cast members. She also had supporting roles in the 1959 films "High School Big Shot" (co-starring Stanley Adams) and "Riot in Juvenile Prison" (with John Hoyt). She can also be seen in the classic 1967 family film "The Gnome-Mobile" along with Hal Baylor.

Aldridge went on to become a writer for such popular series as "Dallas", "Fame", "Knight Rider", and "Beauty and the Beast."