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Richard Dean Anderson

1st Ever HS Appearance!

Saturday Only!
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also known as Jeff Webber in the American soap-opera series General Hospital, then rose to prominence as the lead actor in the television series MacGyver (1985–1992). He later appeared in films such as Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992), Pandora's Clock (1996), and Firehouse (1997).

In 1997, Anderson returned to television as the lead actor of the series Stargate SG-1, a spin-off of the 1994 film Stargate. He played the lead from 1997 to 2005 and had a recurring role from 2005 to 2007. Since 1997, he has starred in only one film: Stargate: Continuum, released in 2008, as a spin-off film after the Stargate SG-1 series finale in 2007. He appeared in the follow-up Stargateseries Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe (as Major General and later Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill).


Anderson's first role was in the American soap opera, General Hospital as Dr. Jeff Webber from 1976 to 1981. In 1982–1983 He starred as Adam in the CBS television series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (based very loosely on the movie of the same name). In the 1983–1984 season, he played Lieutenant Simon Adams on the 22-week Dennis Weaver series Emerald Point N.A.S. on CBS, stealing away Celia Warren (Susan Dey), the wife of naval lawyer Jack Warren (Charles Frank).Anderson then played Tony Kaiser in the acclaimed TV movie Ordinary Heroes, which aired in 1986

Anderson came to fame in the lead role of Angus MacGyver in the hit television series MacGyver, which lasted from 1985 to 1992 and was highly successful throughout its seven-year run. The character Angus MacGyver, also known as just MacGyver or Mac, was an optimistic action hero who was notable for using a Swiss Army knife instead of a firearm as his tool of choice.

Anderson would go on to produce two follow-up movies to MacGyver in 1994.After MacGyver ended, Anderson stated "MacGyver was seven years of being in virtually every frame that was shot and having absolutely no life at all.

From 1997 to 2005, Anderson starred as Jack O'Neill in Stargate SG-1, based on the movie Stargate starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. John Symes, president of Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer (MGM), called Anderson himself and asked him if he wanted a part in the series. Anderson watched the Stargate film over and over again and came to the conclusion that the film had "great potential" and signed a contract with the Stargate producers. Anderson agreed to become involved with the project if his character was allowed significantly more comedic leeway than Kurt Russell's character in the feature film. He also requested Stargate SG-1 be more of an ensemble show so that he would not be carrying the plot alone as he did on MacGyver. In season eight, he chose to have his character "promoted" to base commander on Don S. Davis's advice.This enabled Davis to retire from acting due to his ailing health and Anderson to take over the smaller role which involved far less on-location shooting so that he could spend more time with his young daughter.The following season, Anderson terminated his status as star and producer of Stargate SG-1 opting to make several guest appearances per season instead, allowing his sizable role to be filled by veteran actors Ben Browder (replacing Anderson as field commander), Claudia Black(replacing Anderson as the comic relief) and Emmy nominee Beau Bridges (replacing Anderson as Base commander).

At the Air Force Association's 57th Annual Air Force Anniversary Dinner in Washington, D.C., on September 14, 2004, then-Air Force Chief-of-Staff General John P. Jumper presented Anderson with an award because of his role as star and executive producer of Stargate SG-1, a series which portrayed the Air Force in a positive light from its premiere. Anderson was also made an honorary Air Force brigadier general.


n 1995, he co-starred with John de Lancie in Legend, a comic series of only twelve episodes about a dime novel writer in the Wild West who, against his will, has to play the role of his own fictional character. Originally written as a TV movie, with the decision to make Legend a series, the original teleplay became the two-hour pilot episode. Anderson was applauded for his roles as Ernest Pratt and Nicodemus Legend by many critics, most notably John O'Connor from The New York Times.

A great fan of the television show The Simpsons, which he repeatedly referenced during his time on SG-1, Anderson was invited in 2005 to guest star on the show. He voiced himself in the episode "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore", in which the actor was kidnapped by Selma and Patty Bouvier, Marge Simpson's sisters, his MacGyver character having been their longstanding heartthrob.[8] Dan Castellaneta, the voice actor who portrays Homer Simpson (among other characters), made a guest appearance on Stargate SG-1 ("Citizen Joe") and, in describing his unnatural ability to see the life events of Jack O'Neill, made reference to O'Neill's fondness for The Simpsons.

Anderson briefly reprised his role as Angus MacGyver in 2006 when he appeared in a MasterCard commercial during Super Bowl XL. While the plot follows the "MacGyver Formula", it is somewhat satirical of the series, showing unlikely if not impossible solutions to the obstacles faced by Anderson's character (in one shot, he cuts through a thick rope with a pine-scented air freshener) The official MasterCard website for the commercial refers to it as "the Return of MacGyver".

Lee David Zlotoff, the creator of MacGyver, announced on May 3, 2008, that a MacGyver film was in production. Anderson has expressed interest in revisiting his role; however, there is no word on who will be playing the role of MacGyver in the film.

Anderson cameoed as MacGyver in what seemed to be a Saturday Night Live advertisement parody featuring the show's recurring character MacGruber (portrayed by Will Forte), but was rather a real commercial for both Saturday Night Live and Pepsi, in which the titular character becomes obsessed with the soft drink. This aired three times during the January 31, 2009, SNL broadcast, and the second part aired again during Super Bowl XLIII on the following day.

Anderson has also played the role of General Jack O'Neill in Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, which first aired in October 2009.

Julianne Grossman
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Julianne Grossman is the voice of the 'computer' on the new Star Trek series "Star Trek: Discovery" a current highlight of her many career highlights.

Her animation highlights include series regular on SPACEBALLS: The Animated Series with Joan Rivers and Mel Brooks; series regular on HBO's The Life & Times of Tim; Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Wonder Woman, Justice League, The Zeta Project, The Batman, Higglytown Heroes, Rugrats: All Growed Up.

She has done commercial campaigns including Target, Visa, McDonald's, Honda, Nike, DirecTV,
Fisker-Karma, Sears, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Turbo Tax, Appleby's, Macaroni Grill, BP, Albertson's, Arby's, Glade, you get the idea. Promo: CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, HGTV, TLC, HBO, "E," The Style Network, The Playboy Channel. "The Style Channel, The Travel Channel, HGTV, & Discovery.

Maryam d'Abo
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Bio coming soon.

Olivia d'Abo
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Olivia d'Abo is a triple threat. In a field, where career longevity is rare and versatility even rarer, who has seamlessly moved through theater, film, television, and music accomplishing success in all.

Further, the British born actress continues to gain recognition with her ability to shift from comedy to drama with intelligence and grace.

Olivia has just finished shooting a European TV series Jo playing 'Madeleine Haynes' opposite French Star Jean Reno. On the film side she played 'Primrose Blackstone' in The Devil's Violinist a feminist in the industrial revolution with Joely Richardson and Jared Harris, directed by Bernard Rose and 'Luccia Rosso' a luxury obsessed social climber who married the heir of a fashion empire in Impirioso.

She made her Broadway debut playing Gwendolyn Pigeon in New York in the sold out run of Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lanes The Odd Couple and appeared in the West Coast version with Jason Alexander and Martin Short at the Veteran theatre.

Other theatre works include Stan Zimmerman's prestigious theatre production of Joe Orton's classic Entertaining Mr. Sloane at the Actors' Company Theatre. It received rave reviews and Ovation award recognition, with dbo playing the lead role of 'Kath'. Due to popular demand she reprised her role in 'Sloane' won the 2012 Broadway World Award for her performance.

LA Weekly- Most remarkable is Olivia dabo, who discards her natural beauty in favor of frowziness as Kath, a 40-ish woman desperate for affection, especially from 20-year-old Sloane. dbo provides the necessary humor but which comes tightly woven into a fully developed character

Other theater credentials include Scenes from an Execution at the Mark Taper Form with Frank Langela and Juliet Stevenson, and the Los Angeles Theatre's critically acclaimed musical,'s A Girl.

Also in demand as a top voice over artist recent work includes Justice League: Doom, an animated superhero film for Warner Brothers, directed by Andrea Romano, where she plays both a good girl and a bad girl in her portrayals of 'Carol Ferris' and 'Star Sapphire'. She also voiced the lead in the recently released interactive book Anomaly.

In the animation world, she has been seen in the role of "Five" on Nickelodeon's animated show Generator Rex and as 'Jedi Luminara Unduli' in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, created by George Lucas.

Other voice-over credits include the animated film, Green Lantern: First Flight opposite Christopher Meloni and Victor Garber. Her voice can also be heard as Black Widow/Natalia Romanoff in the animation films The Ultimate Avengers and The Ultimate Avengers II, as well as Jane in Disney's animated series Tarzan, Marvel comics movies The Avengers #1 and The Avengers #2 as well as ' in Nickelodeon's Invader ZIM.

In her music world, d'Abo has recently released her album, Not TV, produced by Patrick Leonard. On Inner Knott records and Eone distribution she released her indie video "Revolution". The album consists of 10 narrative pop songs d'Abo wrote on piano and guitar, which are both reflective and introspective in theme. She's about to release her much anticipated duet single with Seal of a song she wrote, Broken and Alright, the end title song for Waking Madison, a film starring Elisabeth Shue, Taryn Manning and Imogen Poots. She has also recently had songs placed in indie films Face2Face and Relentless .

Olivia is probably most widely known for her role as the 'favorite older sister nold' in the Emmy Award winning TV show The Wonder Years.

Other notable recurring TV credits include Law and Order: Criminal Intent as the infamous and villainous Â'Nicole Wallace', who returns in flash backs to torture Goren in his therapy sessions. In this critically acclaimed, yet controversial role d'Abo has been able to demonstrate the true breadth of her acting ability in a character she describes as 'wonderfully written with some pretty dark twists.

On NBCs Sci-Fi show Eureka as Jack Carter's ex-wife Abby Carter. The Single Guy with Jonathan Silverman, Fox's Party of Five in a role of a college student who has a lesbian affair with Neve Campbell's character, and Spin City, as the fiance to Michael J. Fox's character. d'Abo also guest starred on a famous episode of ABC's Alias with Ethan Hawke and an episode of "3rd Rock From The Sun". Olivia will soon be seen on USA's popular show Psych pairing up with Vinnie Jones, as Dierdre, a street-wise criminal entrepreneur who pulls off heists.

Olivia is well known for her works in studio and independent films. The films Live Nude Girls and Kicking And Screaming are only two of her favorites. Other terrific films she appeared in include, Wayne's World 2 with Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers, Greedy with Michael J. Fox, The Last Good Time, Conan The Destroyer, The Velocity of Gary, The Big Green, A Texas Funeral, Live Nude Girls, It Had To Be You, Seven Girlfriends, Point of No Return, Spirit of '76, Beyond The Stars, The Mission To Kill, Dream To Believe, and Bullies.

Olivia is based in LA and also has a place in London. Her hobbies include yoga, hiking, art and rollerblading.
Barbara Baldavin
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Bio coming soon.

Charlie Picerni
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Born in Corona Queens, New York. The fourth of five children to Italian parents. After high school, he worked different jobs, one being construction work on high-rise buildings in Manhattan.

He married, at a young age, his childhood girlfriend, Marie. He had a son after one year of marriage and decided he didn't want to work in construction, anymore. So, he headed west to try his luck in the movie business!

His brother, Paul Picerni, was an actor on a hit TV show at that time called The Untouchables. Charlie worked as a stand-in, an extra and started doing stunt double work. Charlie immediately fell in love with this work and moved his family to California. Charlie excelled as a stuntman and then moved up to stunt-coordinating TV shows. He got his big break on Starsky and Hutch, he was the stunt coordinator and Paul Michael Glaser's stunt double. Aaron Spelling and Duke Vincentsaw what direction Charlie was heading in - Directing"!

He started second unit-directing Starsky and Hutch and then moved up to directing episodes of "Starsky". He continued stunt-coordinating and second unit-directing such shows as Kojak and Magnum, P.I.. He then started directing television for producers Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg and Stephen J. Cannell, for such shows as T.J. Hooker, Matt Houston, Vega$, Hardcastle and McCormick, Hunter, Stingray, Finder of Lost Loves, The A-Team, J.J. Starbuck, Spenser: For Hire, Blue Thunder, Gavilan and HBO's Tales from the Crypt.

At that time, Charlie caught Warner Brothers producer Joel Silver's eye. Joel hired Charlie to stunt-coordinate Die Hard. This led to second unit-directing and stunt-coordinating on the films, Die Hard 2, Road House, Lethal Weapon 2 & Lethal Weapon 3, Hudson Hawk, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The Last Boy Scout, Demolition Man, Ghost, Ricochet, Basic Instinct, A Low Down Dirty Shame, True Romance, 2 Days in the Valley, 15 Minutes and many more. Charlie also, during this time, directed multiple episodes on a TV series, called Seven Days, for Paramount studios.

Charlie also worked as an actor in many TV and film projects throughout his career. Realizing he wanted to further his career as a director, he studied at the "Beverly Hills Playhouse" in the Master class for two years. In 2007, he directed, produced and co-wrote a feature film entitled Three Days to Vegas, starring Peter Falk, Rip Torn and George Segal. In 2010, Charlie directed Ayn Rand's play, "Night of January 16th", at the Odyssey Theatre to rave reviews! While continuing to work in all avenues of the motion picture business, he is developing and writing his own project called "Spaghetti Park", which he will produce and direct.

Charlie is a proud member of "The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences".

Chuck Picerni Jr.
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Chuck Picerni's unique array of talents as a Director, 2nd Unit Director, and Stunt Coordinator/Action Expert has enable him to create, capture, and deliver the kind of action films audiences have been parking theaters to see for years!

A driving force behind some of Hollywood's Top Blockbusters, his work has helped bring in over 3 billion in box office receipts. Chuck has been one of the industry's most exciting "Go To" creative forces.

Chuck has been in the industry for over 36 years and there are no signs of him or his reputation that precedes him slowing down. Chuck's action career began as an elite stunt performer on the original series "Starsky and Hutch." Through his creative talent and vision, Chuck emerged as one of the most successful and sought after Director's and Stunt Coordinator of the industry.

Chuck is able to fuse all elements of his filmmaking evolution to continually redefine the realm of possibility and generate his distinctive style of extraordinary action films.

Chuck was an 'Klingon' in "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" among his many roles

Bill Smitrovich
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is an American actor.

Smitrovich has starred in a number of television series. His first prominent TV series role was in the 1980s series Crime Story as Det. Sgt. Danny Krychek. He went on to star in the hit drama series Life Goes On (1989–93). Smitrovich was the lead guest star in the pilot film of the 1980s crime drama hit series Miami Vice. He also appeared in the final episode of NYPD Blue. He has also been seen in The Henry Lee Project with Danny Glover. In 1996, Smitrovich was cast as Seattle police lieutenant Bob Bletcher in Millennium, created and produced by Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files. He is perhaps best known for his roles on the A&E series A Nero Wolfe Mystery (based on the Nero Wolfe detective stories by Rex Stout) as Inspector Cramer, and on the ABC hit series The Practice as Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Walsh and then went on to Without a Trace, where he played the recurring character of Chief Alex Olcyk. In 2010 he starred in the NBC series The Event as Vice President Raymond Jarvis.[3]

Smitrovich has also played a number of characters in military roles. These include Independence Day (1996), Air Force One(1997), Thirteen Days (2000), Fail Safe (2000), and Eagle Eye (2008).

He has made many guest appearances on various television shows. His best-known appearances include the two-part Star Trek: Deep Space Nine third-season episode "Past Tense," 24, Numb3rs, NYPD Blue, Touched by an Angel, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds, Castle, and the Dynasty reboot.

Smitrovich has also starred in several television movies, playing Alexander Haig in the 2003 biographical TV miniseries The Reagans, as well as filling roles in Futuresport (1998) and in The '60s miniseries (1999). On film, Smitrovich's roles include the Stephen King adaptation Silver Bullet (1985), Renegades (1989), The Trigger Effect (1996), Gridiron Gang (2006), and the Marvel Comics superhero movie Iron Man (2008).

Bill played the role of Mr. Zimburger in the Johnny Depp film The Rum Diary. He also appeared as the head of the CIA, Hanley, in Pierce Brosnan's movie The November Man

Dawn Wells
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Bio coming soon.

Diane Franklin
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Before she got into acting, Franklin appeared in TV commercials for Coca-Cola, Trident, Jell-O, and Maxwell House coffee.

She has worn a distinctive curly hairstyle throughout her career. Her first film role was in the 1982 film The Last American Virgin as Karen. Diane Franklin's other well known roles in movies are in the 1982 horror film Amityville II: The Possession as Patricia Montelli. She also had a role in the 1985 comedy film Better Off Dead as Monique, the foreign exchange student from France.

Franklin has appeared on some TV shows, some of which include Bay City Blues, Matlock, Freddy's Nightmares, and Providence.

Franklin sang the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium on June 1, 2004.

Ed O'Ross

Saturday Only!
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Rough'n'tumble character actor Ed O'Ross was born as Ed Oross on July 4, 1946 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was an alter boy as a kid and graduated from Munhall High in 1964. Following graduation O'Ross attended both Point Park College and Carnegie Tech.

He was an amateur Golden Gloves boxing champion and minor league baseball player prior to embarking on an acting career. He studied acting in New York with legendary teachers Stella Adler and Uta Hagen. Ed made his film debut in 1982 in "Dear Mr. Wonderful." A strong actor with an often intense and intimidating screen presence, O'Ross gets frequently cast as ramrod army officers, cynical seen-it-all-twice cops, and mean villains. O'Ross was memorably nasty as brutal Russian drug dealer Viktor 'Rosta' Rostavili in Walter Hill's stirring buddy cop action thriller "Red Heat." Other notable parts include slimy dope pusher Mendez in the exciting blockbuster "Lethal Weapon," the rugged Lt. Touchdown in Stanley Kubrick's powerful "Full Metal Jacket," vicious mobster Ralph Capone in "The Verne Miller Story," hard-boiled detective Cliff Willis in the terrific sci-fi/action winner "The Hidden," the antsy Stringer in the enjoyably trashy "Action Jackson," and the tough Col. Perry in "Universal Soldier." Ed was outstanding as lusty Russian florist Nikolai on the acclaimed cable TV series "Six Feet Under." Among the other TV shows O'Ross has done guest spots on are "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "CSI: NY," "NYPD Blue," "Boston Legal," "Chicago Hope," "Seinfeld," "Frasier," "Walker: Texas Ranger," "Moonlighting," and "Scarecrow and Mrs. King." Enterprise and also Disney's Dick Tracy

Julie Johnson
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a stuntwoman and stunt actress who worked on Star Trek: The Original Series.

Julie's "Star Trek" appearance was as the stunt double for Celeste Yarnall in the episode "The Apple".
Julie is perhaps best know for being one of the first women, during the late 1970s, to be a stunt coordinator on a major television series, "Charlies Angels" and countless films/TV shows for the past 50 years.
Most recently, she co-authored the book "The Stuntwoman", a semi-autobiographical account of the Hollywood stunt business

Larry Thomas
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an American actor, best known for his role as "The Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld. He has appeared in a number of films, TV shows, and commercials, and appears at autograph-signing shows across the country. He was also nominated for an Emmy Award for his Seinfeld appearance.

Larry Thomas is best known for his role as the "Soup Nazi" in the eponymous episode of the television sitcom Seinfeld. The role earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 1996 in the category of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Prior to acting, Thomas had jobs as a bailbondsman, bartender, and janitor.

In 1997, he made a cameo appearance as the blackjack dealer in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. In 2004, he guest-starred as himself in the Scrubs episode "My Self-Examination", where the main character tried to trick him into saying the Soup Nazi's catchphrase, "No Soup for You!". He also played a Soup Nazi-like "food cop" in a commercial for the Center for Consumer Freedom. That same year he guest-starred in the television series Drake & Josh as Mr. Galloway in the episode "2 Idiots and a Baby."

In 2006, Thomas made an appearance in the independent comedy feature Spaced Out (which includes a variation of the catchphrase). This was the start of a working relationship with Boomstick Films] which includes co-starring roles in Not Another B Movie, Dr. Spine, and the award-winning Paranormal Activity spoof Paranormal Calamity.

In other recent roles of note, Larry has portrayed each of the two most iconic Middle Eastern villains of American history. In 2006, he guest-starred in Arrested Development as a Saddam Hussein lookalike. An earlier joke had one character having a photo taken with the real Saddam, after mistaking him for Thomas. Thomas also played the role of Osama bin Laden in Uwe Boll's 2008 shock comedy film Postal.

In 2009, Thomas appeared in the independent feature Untitled Horror Comedy playing the role of "Dwayne."

In February 2012, Thomas again appeared as the Soup Nazi in an Acura NSX commercial featuring comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.
Marli Renfro
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an American former showgirl, model, Playboy cover girl and actress.

She was the body double for Janet Leigh in the shower scene of the 1960 film Psycho

nperturbed at working nude, Renfro was hired as the body double for the actress Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho. She was paid $500.The shower scene in Psycho is considered one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. It features more than 50 camera cuts in three minutes and took six days to film. Although nudity is implied in the rapid cuts, none is seen. Hitchcock and Leigh initially maintained that only Leigh appeared in the shower.Only later did Hitchcock acknowledge that when Leigh's face is seen it is her, otherwise it is Renfro.

Renfro subsequently appeared in Francis Ford Coppola's 1962 film Tonight for Sure.

During the filming of Psycho, Janet Leigh also had a stand-in to check lighting. Her name was Myra Davis, also known as Myra Jones.In 1988 Davis was raped and murdered by her neighbour and handyman Kenneth Dean Hunt.Possibly due to fascination with the shower scene, sections of the media confused Davis's role and published that she had been Leigh's body double. The BBC went further and not only asserted that Davis was Leigh's body double, but also that Davis was the voice of Norman Bates' mother, although this character had been voiced by Virginia Gregg and Jeanette Nolan. In his 2002 book Body Double, author Don Lasseter compounded the confusion and wrote that Davis and Renfro were the same person, meaning that Renfro was dead.

Author Robert Graysmith, who had a lifelong fascination with Renfro, noted a comment by Davis's granddaughter that Davis would never have done nude work. He set out to find Renfro and discovered that she was living in California. He subsequently wrote a book, The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower, about Renfro's role in Psycho and the confusion over Davis's death

Nancy Kovack

Saturday Only!
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the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kovach. Her father was the manager of a General Motors plant. She enrolled at the University of Michigan when she was 15 years old and graduated by age 19. She was an active participant in beauty contests, winning eight titles by the time she was 20. Nancy became interested in acting when she went to New York City to attend a wedding.

After working as a model, she became one of the Glee Girls for Jackie Gleason.

She has appeared on a number of TV series including Star Trek, Bewitched (playing Darrin Stephens' ex-fiancée and Samantha's nemesis, Sheila Summers), Batman (episodes 5 and 6), I Dream of Jeannie, Get Smart, Perry Mason, 12 O'Clock High, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Invaders (season 2 episode 16 Task Force), Burke's Law, Family Affair (1968 episode titled "Family Plan") and "Hawaii Five-O" (the 1969 episode "The Face of the Dragon"). She appeared in a key role as a sexy, native witchdoctor and femme fatale in one of the most sobering of the original Star Trek episodes, "A Private Little War". In 1969 she was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Single Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for an appearance on Mannix.

In addition to her guest appearances on television programs, Nancy was hostess of the game show Beat the Clock.

As her profile increased, Nancy began to gain roles in Hollywood movies, most notably as the high priestess Medea in Jason and the Argonauts (1963). She also had parts in Diary of a Madman(1963) with Vincent Price, The Outlaws Is Coming (1965) with The Three Stooges, Sylvia (1965), The Great Sioux Massacre (1965), The Silencers (1966) with Dean Martin, Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (1966) with Mike Henry, Frankie and Johnny (1966) with Elvis Presley, and Carl Reiner's directorial debut Enter Laughing (1967).

On Broadway she appeared in The Disenchanted. Her last film role was in Marooned (1969), a science-fiction drama. Credited as Nancy Mehta, she played the murder victim in the made-for-TV movie/series pilot Ellery Queen (also known as Too Many Suspects; 1975).

Besides her acting in the United States, Nancy starred in three films that were made in Iran.

Nicolas Coster
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Nicolas Coster is a British-born American actor who has acted for close to 70 years.

He most known for his work in film, daytime drama, nighttime television series, such as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 2017 he won a daytime Emmy for "The Bay"

Peter Marshall

Saturday Only!
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is an American television and radio personality, singer, and actor. He was the original host of The Hollywood Squares from 1966 to 1981 and has almost fifty television, movie, and Broadway credits.

In the 1950s, Marshall earned his living as part of a comedy act with Tommy Noonan, and they appeared in night clubs, on television variety shows, and in films including Starlift (1951), The Rookie (1959) and Swingin' Along (1962).In 1963, he appeared as Lucy's brother-in-law, Hughie, in The Lucy Show episode "Lucy's Sister Pays A Visit" He appeared in the 1958 episode "The Big Hoax" of the syndicated television series Harbor Command.

Although Marshall occasionally worked in film and television, he could not find regular work in the industry until his friend Morey Amsterdam recommended him to fill in for Bert Parks (who emceed the pilot) as the host of the game show The Hollywood Squares in 1966. Peter didn't want the job originally, but took it to keep it away from rival comic Dan Rowan. He figured that it would last 13 weeks, and he'd be back on Broadway. It lasted more than 16 years.

The show had a long run on daytime network TV and in syndication, making Marshall as familiar to viewers as the celebrities who appeared on the show. The easygoing and unflappable Marshall was a perfect foil for the wicked wit of such panelists as Amsterdam and his Dick Van Dyke Show castmate Rose Marie; Paul Lynde, Jan Murray, and Wally Cox

Phil Adams
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also known as Phillip Charles Granucci, is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who appeared in three episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, two times as a stunt double and once as an actor.

He also coordinated stunts for the first 2 seasons of "Star Trek."

He was credited as a co-star on "The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet"

Phil is the credited '1st Tough' who gets slapped by Rod Steiger in the Best Picture winner "In Heat Of The Night" .

He has had a career close to 60 years as a stuntman and director of stunts.

Phil continues to work to this day.
Raquel Pomplun
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Raquel Pomplun was a Playboy Playmate in 2012, & the Playboy Playmate Of the Year 2013.

She was born in San Diego, CA and raised in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Raquel moved back to San Diego, CA in 2000.

Raquel is an actress, model, dancer, and also a broadcaster.

As a model, Raquel is signed with Wilhelmina LA Models and has appeared on numerous magazine covers and print advertising for companies such as Mercedes-Benz.

Raquel appeared in the Paramount Pictures' motion picture, "The Gambler" starring Mark Wahlberg, as well as "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

She starred in a new online comedy sketch series "Chocolate Milk Series" alongside actress/model Malorie Mackey.

Raquel also stars as the lead in the premium short form series "Infini" (working title) for HollyShorts Studios.

She is a dreamer with her feet on the ground that is setting sail to a dynamic and full of surprises career in the acting and modeling industries.

Raquel's upcoming films include: "Escape", "Muck: Chapter 1" , and "Warnings"

Robert Wuhl

1st Ever Appearance!
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an American actor, comedian and writer He is best known as the creator and star of the television comedy series Arliss (1996–2002) and for his portrayal of newspaper reporter Alexander Knox in Tim Burton's Batman (1989).

Wuhl's first role in movies was a starring role in the 1980 comedy The Hollywood Knights along with other fledgling actors Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer and Fran Drescher, followed by a small role in the film Flashdance (1983). Wuhl then had larger roles in movies including Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) with Robin Williams,Bull Durham (1988) with Kevin Costner,Tim Burton's 1989 Batman (as reporter Alexander Knox) with Michael Keaton, Blaze (1989) with Paul Newman, Missing Pieces (1991) with Eric Idle, Mistress (1992) with Robert De Niro, Blue Chips (1994) with Nick Nolte, and Cobb (1994) with Tommy Lee Jones. He wrote two of the six episodes for the TV series Police Squad! in 1982, and did an audio commentary for its release on DVD in 2006.

Wuhl appeared with Keith Carradine in the 1985 music video to Madonna's hit "Material Girl".

In 1992, he appeared in The Bodyguard as host of the Oscars. In reality he won two Emmy Awards for co-writing the Academy Awards in 1990 and 1991 with Billy Crystal.

From 1996 to 2002 he wrote and starred in the HBO series Arli$$ as the title character, an agent for high-profile athletes From 2000 to 2001, he was a frequent panelist on the ESPN game show 2 Minute Drill, often quizzing the contestants on sports-related movies. Wuhl was a player in the Game Show Network's Poker Royale series, a competition between pros and comedians. In 2006, he starred on HBO in a one-man-show, Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl, where he taught a history class to show how history is created and propagated in a similar fashion to pop culture. A second chapter entitled Assume the Position 201 with Mr. Wuhl aired on HBO in July 2007.

He played Herb Tucker in a revival of the comedy-drama play I Ought to Be in Pictures.

In 2015, Wuhl portrayed himself on American Dad!, in the episode "Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour". He then returned in 2017 to play himself again in the episode "The Talented Mr. Dingleberry".

Virginia Aldridge

1st Ever Appearance!
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an actress who appeared as 'Lieutenant Karen Tracy' in "Wolf in the Fold", a second season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.She filmed her scenes on Thursday 29 June 1967 at Desilu Stage 10.

Virginia had previously appeared on the television Westerns as "Cheyenne", "Wagon Train" and "The Rifleman", the latter of which featured Paul Fix and Bill Quinn as cast members. She also had supporting roles in the 1959 films "High School Big Shot" (co-starring Stanley Adams) and "Riot in Juvenile Prison" (with John Hoyt). She can also be seen in the classic 1967 family film "The Gnome-Mobile" along with Hal Baylor.

Aldridge went on to become a writer for such popular series as "Dallas", "Fame", "Knight Rider", and "Beauty and the Beast."